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“A simple yet surprisingly nuanced spiritual adventure.”Kirkus Review

“God’s Greatest Miracle is the book you need to feel closer to God and connect with him.”Literary Titan

“GOD’S GREATEST MIRACLE: A Tale of Two Little Angels is a well-told Christian fairy tale concerning reincarnation and the need to give and receive universal love.”Kent Lane for IndieReader

“A beautifully written religious journey, God’s Greatest Miracle: A Tale of Two Little Angels by Jean-Michel Polyakov is an elegant tale about two angels and how they made their way into Nouseum, the City of God.”Self-Publishing Review

God’s Greatest Miracle by Jean-Michel Polyakov is the most beautiful Christian love story I have read. The two angels who become Prince Tristan and Princess Morgana on earth love each deeply. Each has unique qualities that complement the other. Together they teach the world about love and even create a legacy on earth and in heaven to spread the most important message of God; to love each other unconditionally. The prince and princess not only taught but modeled this principle of love through their devotion to and compassion for each other. God’s Greatest Miracle is a heartwarming, enlightening, and sweet love story that inspired me to become introspective and think deeply about my faith, my relationship with my angel, and my love for the people around me.” – Reader’s Favorite

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] Some days, I feel like a boulder resting firm in a robust mountain stream. There I sit, as the water of time flows past, carrying so many unconscious creatures to oblivion. Early this morning, Father Sun rose from his nocturnal rest with Mother Night to light my vision. Trapped in front of me, spinning in a wee swirl of the River of Time, turned a small tome. I reached down to retrieve it from temporality. It wasn’t large, but it took much effort to lift it. Clearly, the message it contained was substantial. On its cover was a small footbridge passing over a bit of stream in a secluded forest. I know this place from Narnia.

The tome contained a wondrous tale of two little angels who loved each other so much that the world they came to live within was filled with God’s Love. It is titled appropriately: God’s Greatest Miracle. A Tale to Two Little Angels.


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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] This little book teaches us to go back to the place of unconditional love that we were born into. Follow the little angels as they take us through that journey to a beautiful home we can revisit to thrive in life. We never lost this in childhood, so this is just a journey back to that splendid time for all of us, with the wisdom of Jean-Michel as our guide. God’s Greatest Miracle is a must-read for the family.

Tacy Trump, Senior Executive Producer, VoiceAmerica, WorldTalkRadio, LLC

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] I recommend Jean-Michel’s story about two little angels making unconditional love a reality. I wish we could do this, for I see so much oppression and unkindness around me. My little ones speak Ukrainian, so I could not read it to them, but retold the story so they would understand. My little girl told me she wants to be an angel and help people love each other. This story is powerfully strong in love and caring. Only an absolute angel could have written it. The altruism and spiritual lessons taught in this small book will impress the young and the elderly. I admire the Author of this book. He was really born to make this world better. Changing our world is up to each of us. Here and there.

Julia Klimenko, Translator, Poltava, Ukraine

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] I am a voracious reader, but I must admit that I have not come across a more touching and enlightening tale than that written by Jean-Michel Polyakov. God’s Greatest Miracle. A Tale of Two Little Angels (A Love Story Gifted by Christ to Miriam and His Beloved Disciple).

As I read this sweet story, I experienced tears of sorrow and tears of deep happiness. By the end of the book, my hope in the possibility of our species finally becoming what God wishes us to be was renewed. Reading this tale will bring your heart closer to God.

The storyline of this short tome is how two special angels find each other after incarnating, fall in love, and manifest a true miracle on earth by listening to God.

Every church Pastor in English-speaking countries should buy this book and convert it into a sermon on the power of real love and perseverance. I recommend it to Christians of all denominations (and everyone else with a good heart).

Perhaps Jean-Michel’s book is another miracle inspired by God.

Christopher Sagen, Monterey Bay Aquarium Facilities Systems Manager, retired. Universal Life Church Minister 5

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] All books worth reading encourage a reader to explore their life. Further, it takes natural talent with a pen to write a fictional work that captures our reality. Jean-Michel is a talented author fascinated with exploring who God is. Using fiction is a brilliant method for the author to help us understand why a life spent in altruism and charity is well-lived. Everyone has a worldview. Still, God is who God is. God has a purpose for each of us in fulfilling God’s Plan, and it requires love.

The beauty of this book is that it reminds us that no one knows all that there is to know about God and His love. Loving as Jesus did helps us understand God better. This book shows the importance of allowing God’s Kingdom to rule us in our specific circumstances and correct our understanding. While this teaching tale does not provide facts about God or finding God, we see the author’s point. God is busy revealing himself to us right where we are through angelic activity, Jesus, and the events of our daily lives.

Pastor xiii Brian Downing, Oakdale Church of God, Georgia

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] An age-old answer is whether we are born good or bad. The Author addresses this question in his pleasant and engaging story of two little angels. Most say that we are born in a neutral position. However, our lifetime of experiences dictates our purpose in life, ethics, and morals.

The Author offers another theory of the development of our ethics and character. By pleasantly taking us through a simple child-like story, he presents a new approach to our ultimate Nature and the development of our essences.

In today’s world of digitising communication and politicising, this vessel of spiritual guidance provides a more meaningful approach to life’s challenges. It returns us to a comfortable thought process of who we are and what we want to become.

What I found most interesting is the Author’s approach to the concept of the human soul. When is it formed, how does it develop, and where it goes after leaving this Heavenly God created planet?

I recommend this tome wholeheartedly to those pondering their lives.

Frank J Klosik Jr Attorney at Law (Emeritus), South Carolina

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] Though English isn’t my first language, I found the book easy to read and connect with. I hope that this timely tale comes true for our world. Americans may not fully appreciate the wisdom and love placed into this story. However, having experienced totalitarianism personally in the USSR, I understand the gifts of freedom, human kindness, and love.

Eteri Yarovsky, Nurse, Georgia

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] God’s Greatest Miracle is a timely story about the battle between good and evil individually and within humanity: we all need a reminder to choose the high road, especially during difficult times. Reading this little book will bring some moments of simple joy into your life. Perhaps you will learn to love more fully? I enjoyed it immensely, even with British English.

Dr Laura Temin, Marital and Family Therapist, Georgia

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] Baron Jean-Michel aptly weaves together a touching tale of Heaven and Earth to share the story of two angel children, a boy and a girl. The tale deftly blends religion, metaphysics, and spiritual elements. Even the Archangels take a serious interest in the two. We glimpse the Celestial workings, the necessity of stewardship, and the power of love—a vii

profound and worthwhile read.

Jeanne Marie Dunworth, Clinical Psychotherapist, Maryland

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] Finding and reading this little Christian fairy tale is like rubbing a lamp and having a Djinn flow out of the spout with a Wish. You open and begin reading this book, and your heart fills with the Unconditional Love God placed in the Author’s heart to share with his readers. You wonder how can such an immense treasure be in such a small vessel. But then you remember Yeshua’s fondness for children born from out of the Kingdom of Heaven Within. I recommend God’s Greatest Miracle. A Tale of Two Little Angels to everyone, but especially to Christians who actively help God.

Andrew David, thephoenixmentor, Florida

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] Jean-Michel Polyakov is a gifted writer. His writing style flows effortlessly through this extraordinary tale. I found myself pulled into the story, bringing a smile from within. The story reinforces the importance of working to become the best you can be. Those who read this teaching tale will want to make a positive difference in this world and the world to come. Yes, love overcomes darkness. God’s Greatest Miracle is delightful reading for all ages.

Dr Ray DuRussel, Physician, Texas

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] God’s Greatest Miracle: A Tale of Two Little Angels (A Teaching Tale for Everyone, Young or Old) by Jean-Michel Polyakov, Baron du Mont Saint Germain, is the first codex in the Nouseum Sagas. This children’s tale is a story within a story. A traveller is transported to an unknown country that seems free from poverty, sickness, and greed. An old man speaks to the traveller and tells him his heart has brought him to this place. He is introduced to the beloved Prince and Princess of the country and then given an important task: to tell the world about God’s Greatest Miracle: A Tale of Two Little Angels.

This is a children’s story that directs readers to look into their innermost selves. The traveller is invited to the beautiful Grand City in Nouseum, named after the city’s inherent Nature. While there, he learns many things. Meeting the eyes of the Prince, he experiences the pain of the world, and when he meets the Princess’s eyes, he experiences peace and joy. In this part of the tale, I could genuinely feel the traveller’s enlightenment as he prays to the Guardian, Messenger of True Conscience.

My interest in the story was piqued when the traveller is asked to share an incredible teaching tale. God’s Greatest Miracle: A Tale of Two Little Angels by Jean-Michel Polyakov, Baron du Mont Saint Germain enriches the heart and the mind with lessons we have either forgotten or have yet to learn. It is well-paced and gives off a sincere aura; you can tell from the story that this was a labour of love. This tale teaches us the importance of loving each other, standing up for what you believe in, and it also encourages the pursuit of knowledge. It is a privilege to have read such a touching tale of love and hope.

Jessica Barbosa for Readers’ Favorite Reviews

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] In the spirit of the Oral Tradition and reminiscent of the Bards of times past, God’s Greatest Miracle: A Tale of Two Little Angels captures universal wisdom common to several faiths. It presents it in a storytelling manner easy for both the young and the old to understand.

The book’s few pages are rich with teachings presented in a story that readers will long remember. A tale integrating Eastern and Western wisdom masterfully and so touching the heart. Who better conveys a vital teaching of the New Testament, the need to be as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, than the protagonists that the author has chosen? But the book does much more. It introduces the concepts of reincarnation, reintegration with one’s Divine Nature, right living, and the need to listen to the still small voice within. To live our lives actionably and consciously. Even onto assuming the role of Bodhisattvas. For multiple reasons, this little treasure chest offers a ray of hope in today’s turbulent times.

Personally, this book reinforced my sense of Divine Protection, even though I do not regard myself as a Prince or a Chosen One. Because of the book’s uplifting and enlightening messages, I will be re-reading it from time to time. I recommend it to other students on the Path of our return to the Source.

God’s Greatest Miracle is an easy read, and its brevity is one of its many strengths. It is a teaching tale that needs sharing universally across the world’s great faiths. And yes, it is true for everyone, both young and old!

David Stein, PhD, Founding Editor-in-Chief, FUTUREtakes, Nevada

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[PRE-PRINT REVIEW] Jean-Michel presents the reading public with a true masterpiece of spirituality. God’s Greatest Miracle. A Tale of Two Little Angels reminding us that human love should be as close to unconditional as possible. His teaching tale is about moving from our world of egoism and greed into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth or the mythical Golden Age of humankind.

In the book, we discover two baby angels who were firstborn in Heaven. They came into the physical, found each other, dedicated their lives to healthcare, and overcame oppression and poverty. The book has a great ending, as you will find out if you read it.

Lady Kiara Warwick, Genealogist, England
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 14 reviews)
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