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We appreciate you visiting the author-site of Baron Jean-Michel Polyakov. Jean-Michel is the founder of the Institute For Conscious Evolution and Human Development and Teaching Tales Publishing. Both have pages on Facebook. Our major website is enlightenment123.org. Our primary blog is at freedomexercises.blog.

Jean-Michel understands seekers learn best when spiritual knowledge is integrated into creative life narratives of enlightened beings. He writes teaching tales demonstrating purpose, meaning, humour, compassion, valour, and unconditional love between the life narratives of his characters. Characters which the reader can identify with to form wholesome personas.
In case you are wondering, Jean-Michel teaches what he calls the Way of the Gallant Heart. There is but one Great Law, the Law of Love under Wisdom. Reading his novels and poetry will attune you to this mystical path.

We hope you will read Jean-Michel’s current inspired tale, God’s Greatest Miracle. A Tale of Two Little Angels. It teaches us how to fulfill God’s Plan of having the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It is the beginning codex in the Nouseum Sagas which are seven volumes at the moment.
Jean-Michel Polyakov


God's Greatest Miracle_ A Tale of Two Little Angels by Jean-Michel Polyakov, religious book



When a young child hugs our leg, looks up, and says, “Daddy (or Mommy), I love you,” our hearts melt, for we feel the gift of unconditional love, perhaps for the first and only time in our lives. Unconditional love is natural only to the very young, which is why Lord Yeshua loved them, a love he showed us how to rekindle in adult life if we choose to leave the Forest of Errors.

Now Available

The Meal Blessing of the Enlightened

“May this food nourish the bodily and mental needs of this creature, aiding it in its progress towards final awakening. May I always remember those not having enough to eat, who face oppression, and endure illness to not forsake them but help them. For who am I, if not them? So Mote It Be.”


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