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About the Author

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I am a real baron and a natural person who never stops exploring the boundless. I have had a rich life working as a medical doctor, research scientist, therapist, coach, author, lecturer, and spiritual mentor, all done to forward the Holy Family’s plan.  

I share this story with those who love and want to help God. 

When I was three years old, I lived in Puerto Rico with a small band of courageous nuns. Their mission was to help unmarried young ladies abandoned by their families. The sisters told me that the families said their daughters were harlots and damned. 

Sister Agnes Louise, my adopted granny, taught me the holy Family abandons no one, especially young, unmarried, pregnant young ladies. She taught me if you genuinely love Holy Mother, you do your best to love everyone, pleasant or not. And never forget to be kind to yourself, for Holy Father believes in you and knows you can do even better. Sister Agnes Louise’s teachings formed the core of my being and guided my behaviour, though I have messed up many times. 

Before I met the sisters, including the young noviciate I lived with for three years, Anna-Marie, I died in my sleep (I was born with a heart condition). I found myself in Heaven awaiting judgment. But Holy Father judges anyone. People just picked the place that they loved most to spend eternity. Good people end up in Heaven and bad ones in Hell. 

To make a long story short, I asked Holy Father if I could be his helper when I grew up. Holy Father thought this was a grand request and sent me back to my bed, alive and healed. 

So, I have done my best to be a good helper to the Holy Family in many areas of life. I know I fail at being what the Family wants me to be, but I don’t berate myself, and I will do better next time. When you remember God loves you, things are just different. 

This little book is about unconditional love, the love that Lord Yeshua showed all of us during his mission. I can’t really love like Lord Yeshua. Still, I understand such love is a goal for all of us, regardless of our spirituality. I pray that this little teaching tale will resonate deep within your innermost heart. Hence, you feel the never-ending love of the Holy Family and how much they suffer for our oppressed, disadvantaged, beaten-down, and hopeless brothers and sisters.  

Please, offer your heart and arms to the Holy Family as a helper on Earth, and maybe one day, we will make Earth as it is in Heaven. May the God of your heart and realisation become sovereign, so you find the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven Within. 



Some years back, I was in love with a bella padrona named Lucina. Though our relationship did not survive the trials of our lives, our passion gifted me many pleasing treasures to share with the world. For Lucinda carried within her heart, unknowingly, an encrypted map showing the location of a hidden Key to the Kingdom of God Within.

Someone may ask, “Baron, how did you unlock the code to the map?”

All that was required to break the code was to not allow the sweetness of our love to turn sour because it could not continue. Rather than anger over her departure, I visualised her future happiness and success. As my earlier love grew sweeter, the code of the map lessened. With time, I could read the map and found a Key to the Kingdom of God Within.

A Key I now share with seekers of the Kingdom of God Within.

The appearance and personality of Lucinda live within the little angel girl, Morgana. Inside, the little angel boy, Tristan, lives as I would like to live one day.

I saw the story come to life during a flight between Atlanta, GA and Syracuse, NY. I was travelling to be an expert witness in a job termination case of a fireman. His urine tested positive for a cocaine metabolite after putting out a fire in a crack house. The level was inconsistent with regular use but was consistent with contamination from inhaling cocaine fumes from the fire in the house. He and his wife were delightful human beings, and the outcome was good.

So I guess small miracles happen every day. But to see them requires open eyes and mind.

I have read and edited this teaching tale many times. After so many readings, one would think this love story would no longer affect my heart and soul. But it does so every time. Copious tears start to fill my eyes, and the page before me is too blurry to read without drying my eyes.

Suddenly, my heart opens to humanity’s self-created egregore of egoism, oppression, despair and hopelessness. Soon the darkness lightens, and I see a Ray of Hope. The solution is to feed the divine fire of altruism and unconditional love to strengthen a new egregore. An attractor to pull us into a new humanity.

This is how I know that this teaching tale is not mine but comes from Holy Mother to tell the world that humanity has a real purpose and spiritual destiny. We were never meant to remain as Homo sapiens sapiens but should become Homo dei, true children of the Holy Family.

I want my readers to see that Hope never dies, for the true nature of Love is altruistic and beneficial. And each can do their part to cast out the demons of egoism and hoarding and invite into one’s heart the angels of Love and Wisdom.

A new era is opening for our species, and this teaching tale is an invitation to join with the Light and leave the Dark. God will not change us; we must change ourselves so find the divinity within.

This little tome is unique for it is a simple teaching tale about the Power of Unconditional Love and Wisdom. Power sentient creatures can discover if they open their eyes and hearts and dedicate themselves to bringing altruism into the world. The tale provides an opportunity for a spiritual awakening in the reader. So the reader realises the Godhead has a plan for humanity. That the Kingdom of God and Heaven can be attained in the physical. All that is required is learning how to love others no less than oneself. God bestows only Goodness upon the world, and our job is to use this Goodness for everyone’s benefit. The Holy Family does not want worship; they want us to act righteously. Why do you think they continue to provide scripture to guide and strengthen us?

I first asked God to be God’s helper on earth when I went to heaven at three years old. Since then, I have worked daily to learn to love my neighbour at least as much as myself. I am still working on this issue but making some progress.

I asked God to make my life challenging and filled with many unjust happenings. To provide me with intelligence, kindness, perseverance, and all the tools I need to be a valuable helper. To use all the gifts I have been given to help others find the God Within.

Never forget that God is always with me and desires my success over injustice.

I have loved many women and have learned that they are the most precious gift God gave to men. The path of returning to the Divine is perfecting our love for others. Something a mother understands much better than a father. I developed the inner female side of my being by loving women. To show them altruism in all things.

I call this road the Way of the Gallant Heart. While males must discover the animal within, women must find the animus within. Divinity is both male and female, and to teach otherwise is blasphemy.

Indeed, the most potent force in the universe is perfected, human love. A love all must work on perfecting, for this love is the only way we attain the likeness of God.

Christians often think that the end-time spoken of in Revelations is in the future. The Swedish Seer Emanuel Swedenborg said it began within individual hearts in the 18th Century and continues unabated. I say the end-times started when our species first experienced self-awareness. Self-awareness birthed ego’s desire to survive, regardless of the oppression of others and the destruction of mother earth.

Eventually, individual egoism and hoarding created Jungian archetypes in the conjoint mind of our species. These archetypes have come to life within the collective mind and now encourage narcissism and selfishness in the living. So the Devil is not an imaginary figment of the human mind but lives and functions therein.

Yes, there will be an end-time for our species if we cannot change from egoism and hoarding to altruism and generosity individually. This is the only way to decrease the power of the Satan and Mammon archetypes.

God’s Greatest Miracle tells us how to prevent the end-time. All must perfect the quality of the love they feel and exhibit to others. If sufficient humans start to live for others universally, following Christ’s Commandment to love others at least as much as you love yourself, we can save our species.

Did not Tristan and Morgana teach this in our story? Did they not show that as our species perfects its love, less sociopathy is born into this world? Did they not bring the Kingdom of God into the physical?

Of course, they did. God’s Greatest Miracle is for our current world. I did not write it de novo; it is the inspired word of our Holy Father.

If you can accept the following eight divine truths into your heart and practise them daily until perfected, you will become a Helper of God.

The First Truth: The Creative Source Bestow Pure Goodness onto All Creatures Equally.

The Second Truth: To bestow, the Source created Creatures possessing an innate and fundamental Desire to Receive.

The Third Truth: The actions of every Creature arise from their belief that somehow their actions serve a personal or apersonal good.

The Fourth Truth: Actions resulting from egoism and hoarding which benefit the actor only cause human evil, oppression, injustice, and misery for others. Service to the ego for wealth, fame, and power is the natural consequence of the evolution of life on earth. Man, the self-aware animal, is the root of what we call evil.

The Fifth Truth: To fulfil the Plan for Creation, humanity must rise above its natural desires as H sapiens sapiens. It must become a new species, H dei, motivated by a stronger desire for altruism, generosity, and wisdom at all times.

The Sixth Truth: H dei can accept more Goodness than H sapiens sapiens, keeping only what they need to live. The rest is received and given to others for their benefit.

The Seventh Truth: Loving the Source with all your heart, mind, and spirit means you opened your vessel to receive maximum Goodness. Goodness used for the sake of altruism and caring for your neighbour no less than you care for yourself.

The Eighth Truth: Humanity cannot attain its intended state as children of the Source unless individuals purposely choose to rise above their animal nature. Natural evolved us mechanically; we must consciously develop ourselves by facing and conquering our inborn desire to receive for ourselves first.

Your reactions to daily life will be pleasant and unpleasant, deserved or not, and so on. What is bothering you is your attitude to these events and not so much the event itself. If you stop identifying with them as part of you, their power decreases significantly. When you learn to accept and rationally deal with the event, fair or not, you become its master and not its victim. You can learn something valuable about yourself and become more awake as you purposely deal with it.

The Buddha said one should go through life thinking that they are the last person scheduled for enlightenment. Everyone else is simply playing a role to help them awaken.

Remember, the Source bestows only Goodness onto you, which you can use to grow spiritually and become an altruistic human being.

There is much more we can help you learn to become a Master and not be a victim. To come to live within the Kingdom of Heaven Within. Contact us and find out!